The Hub Model

Reach Children’s Hub seeks to act as a hub of provision and resource for the local area, providing a range of programmes and services which together form a cradle-to-career pipeline. We know that we can achieve the most impact with children and young people who are supported by the Hub before, through and after school, but we will also work to maximise the impact of each of our individual programmes.

Students at Reach Academy schools will have ready access to the Hub's provision, but other local families will also be able to benefit from it, in three ways:

  • Referrals & walk-ins:  Young people and parents can be referred in to Hub programmes, such as our Girls' Group and Family Links courses. Increasingly, local people will also be able to access some of our resources, such as our Community Farm, on a structured "walk-in" basis. When the Hub has its own dedicated building, it will have an open-to-all, community-facing entrance, to encourage walk-ins.
  • Outreach: Hub staff go out to other schools, nurseries, children’s centres, or other settings, to deliver programmes, provide support, or engage other settings in particular projects (for example our Feltham Futures coordinator delivering University access support in other schools.)
  • Supporting the local system around children and young people: Through our Early Years Network and Community Action Partnership Panel, we are able to support the development and coordination of local services, to benefit families across the local area.

The Hub's cradle-to-career model is summarised in the diagram below.

Cradle-to-Career Model: A Summary