Progressive universalism

Reach Academy has always operated the principle of progressive universalism – providing a high quality universal service which is available for all, with additional targeted support for those who require it. The school’s support and inclusion interventions have mitigated the difficulties that students experience, whilst its high academic standards have raised the bar for all students. Similar principles govern Reach Children’s Hub provision: open to everyone with additional targeted support for those who need it; tackling difficulties whilst also aiming to make improvements for all.

So, for example, we intend to work with pregnant women and new mothers to offer support and a strong peer network. Antenatal education and opportunities to come together will be available to all, with those seeking additional support able to access a 1:1 peer mentor, additional group support or intensive support from a trained professional, right up to targeted support from a partner agency.

Our commitment to progressive universalism means that everyone can access our services but we target additional support where it is needed to ensure that all young people are on track to flourish and live lives of choice and opportunity.