Phase 5 Learning Summary

Our Rationale

We are in the situation whereby a number of sixth form students and teachers are self isolating as a precaution against the spread of coronavirus. We want to support all pupils, whether at home or at school, to continue to work with purpose and energy.

This guidance document will explain all necessary information to ensure that we can continue to provide an education for our students in this time of uncertainty. 

We are intending for Year 12 and 13 lessons to run as per the normal timetable with two academic sessions (one morning and one afternoon) per subject per week plus independent study tasks as usual. Typically this will be the usual subject teacher, however in the event of staff illness another specialist should be able to set work, although may not be available at the time to deliver a ‘live lesson’. At this time, ‘power hour’ will not run online (although teachers will be available in school) but you will be set practice tasks to do at this time. 


For the online learning plan to have maximum impact pupils will need access to quality devices for at least one hour at 10.00am and 14.00pm each day. It is really important that these students have priority for this.

It is also important that students are equipped with pen, paper, textbooks and any other subject specific resources that they are likely to need in the lesson.


All Year 12s and 13s will follow this simplified timetable

  • 10.00: AM Lesson 1 (Work submitted at 13.00)
  • 12:00: Lunch Break
  • 14:00: PM Lesson  (Work submitted at 16:00)

At the beginning of the Lesson time, students will log onto their Google Classroom, where a link to a   lesson will appear. A link to Zoom - an online conferencing facility- will also be shared by your teacher. You will need to join the conference and your teacher will share their screen to guide you through the lesson. You will be able to interact with your teacher and classmates via both audio and an on-screen chat function. We ask that students do not enable the camera function during their online lessons. 

The interactive lesson will usually last for the first part of the learning session. From this your teacher will set you a range of additional tasks which could take the form of online quizzes, videos created by their teachers, links to online videos or websites, and some independent work or exam practice to be completed by the end of the lesson time. At that point, all Sixth Form students are expected to email the work that they have completed directly to their teacher, either through sharing a word document, or, taking a photo of their completed work and emailing it.