Our Impact

We are deeply committed to measuring our impact and have completed an evaluation of all of our pilot activities undertaken in 2017-18. We will publish our annual review at the end of our first full year of activities in 2019.

We are working with LKMco to ensure that our Early Learning Community is clear about is intended impact and measures its progress carefully. We are also delighted to have an embedded PhD student from the University of Manchester working within the Hub and evaluating its impact.

We intend to measure our impact in two ways:

Firstly, we will regularly assess the children within our pipeline in the six prioritised outcomes we are aiming for. We aim for all children and young people to:

  • Be well-supported in nurturing households
  • Engage positively with the local community
  • Be healthy and well - physically and mentally
  • Achieve well academically
  • Have a strong vision and plan for the future

Secondly, we will evaluate the impact of each of our activities discreetly, for example via pre- and post- questionnaires for our Family Links courses, monitoring progression from Career Ready placements, and mapping the impact of our work on local networks of professionals.

Please read our annual report for 2018-19 below!