Feltham Futures

Feltham Futures supports those closest to the top of our cradle-to-career pipeline, supporting local young people to reach the best possible post-school destinations. The project, funded by the Heathrow Community Fund, works with young people across secondary schools in Feltham to ensure that they have the information, advice and guidance to work through the range of choices and options available to school leavers today.

So far, over a thousand young people from four schools in Feltham have taken part in at least one Feltham Futures project, with many engaging in multiple interventions.

We recognise that Higher Education has the potential to support our students to achieve their potential, and so provide support for students applying to university and engage with university widening participation teams to help young people in Feltham progress. We have already built relationships with Universities including Kingston, UWL, Southampton, Cambridge and Oxford.

Feltham Futures plays an active role in our local NCOP Hub. Director Ed Vainker is on the Steering Group and Scott McGrory won an AimHigher practitioners award in 2017-18 for his work supporting NCOP activities. 

The project has hosted a range of employers, Universities, charities to provide experiences and skill development for our students, including employability days, study skills coaching, paid internships and widening participation visits.

‘Reach-On’: Providing Through-University Support to Young People in Feltham

In Summer 2019 the first cohort of pupils will do their A-levels at Reach and go to University. Up to now, Feltham Futures has been concerned with addressing barriers to admission (‘getting in’) but there is evidence that young people from certain backgrounds also experience significant barriers to be success once at University (‘getting on’).

Reach Academy is based in a bottom quintile POLAR3 postcode where young people are five times more likely to drop out of University than those from a top POLAR3 quintile area.

Reach On intends to ensure that the offer to young people in Feltham does not end at 16 or 18 but continues until they are settled into a career with a stable home context. The project is in development, and will:

  • Offer a range of financial, emotional and academic programmes, organised at key touchpoints through the students’ time at university.
  • Be designed in conjunction with young people from Feltham, and include a Pre-University Reach On summer school, focusing on both academic and pastoral preparation for the transition point to university.
  • Be delivered free of charge by the Reach Children’s Hub, in conjunction with University partners.

We are currently identifying lead Universities who can be our partners to provide academic and pastoral support for students at key transition points.