Early Learning Community

In 2018 Feltham was chosen to be one of the founding Early Learning Communities by Save the Children UK. Reach Children’s Hub is partnering with Save the Children to lead the project, which seeks to improve early years outcomes in Feltham by:

  • Supporting parents to develop a positive home learning environment for their children;
  • Improving children’s access to high quality early years services; and
  • Supporting parents to engage in their children’s early education.

Save the Children is committed to working on this project in Feltham for at least three years, laying the foundations for long-term impact on Early Years outcomes in the area. The project will be shaped by the local context and will be designed with Reach, local partners and local people, through a collaborative process.

This work in Feltham represents one of four Save the Children Early Years projects across the United Kingdom, and is benefiting from the support of a team from the Dartington Service Design Lab. The Dartington team spent three days in Feltham in July 2018, working with local professionals and parents to co-design a toolkit for improving Early Years outcomes in communities. The focus demographic for the project is 0-8 year olds living in Feltham and the surrounding areas of West Hounslow.

The project will build on the existing work of Reach Children’s Hub to support the earliest years of children's lives, which includes the Birth and Beyond Community Supporters programme currently running in partnership with the NCT.

Our Approach

The project will involve three main strands of work:


Programme Delivery

The delivery of programmes aimed at ensuring every child starts school ready to learn. We have identified an initial set of programmes to offer to partners that have been created by Save the Children and other leading Early Years organisations.


Local System Change

This will involve mapping the policies, relationships, resources, and incentives that impact on local children’s earliest years, to identify where we can support or strengthen the local system.


Local innovation

We will seek to understand where gaps exist in support for poor children in the early years and work with local partners and people to develop new interventions, initiatives, and projects.

The project will involve work across different local Early Years providers, professionals, and settings, and we will create a local strategy to guide the work. We will work both formally and informally with a variety of partners to bring the project forward and improve outcomes for children in Feltham.

The project is led by Mei Lim, Director, who is an experienced school leader and who joined the Hub in January 2019.  The table below outlines the initial activities that the project will deliver in Feltham. Through the evidence-based work of Dartington Service Design Lab and partnership collaboration, we will look to expand this offer in line with the identified need within the Feltham area.

Early Years Network

This network will bring together Early Years providers and professionals from Feltham and West Hounslow, allowing them to access free joint training, encouraging problem-solving and thought partnerships, and ensuing all can access Project resources.

Building Blocks

Building Blocks is a programme which improves the home learning environment for children in poverty by providing families with a continuum of products, resources, and information for the home that support the key developmental ages and stages of early childhood.

Keyworker Support

An offer of high quality, personalised support for families where there is need. Through a referral scheme by our partner Early Years settings.

Family Links

Family Links is a group parenting programme which gives parents a range of strategies to manage their child’s behaviour, build social and emotional capabilities, and foster a nurturing home atmosphere.


The Peep Learning Together programme strengthens the home learning environment by giving parents a range of strategies to maximise the impact of everyday learning opportunities.

Families Connect

Families Connect is a programme for 4-6 year old pupils and their parents that gives parents the tools and confidence to support their child’s education while at home.

We will work with the Local Authority and local Early Years settings to ensure that each of these project activities are reaching the families who will most benefit from them, and where they can achieve the most significant impact.