Annual Report 2018-19


Annual Report 2018-19

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Team Reach at Reach  Academy is the backbone of our  ‘Character Education’ programme, covering the requisite content for  PSHE, citizenship and careers education; and provides multiple opportunities for pupils to explore spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of  learning and fundamental British values. Team Reach is delivered through weekly curriculum time, assemblies and themed deep learning days.

In 2018-19,  we held 5 Team Reach days:

1. Stamp Out Prejudice (StOP)

2. Bright Futures Ahead (Careers)

3. Relationships and Sex Education

4. Politics

5. Global Warming and Climate Change.

We are looking forward to continuing to develop our  curriculum next year, and as suggested by the Student Council, inviting pupils to plan one of the Team Reach days based on the topics that matter most to them. 


Our  Place2Be model continues to support some of  our most vulnerable pupils, and we have refined our  referral procedures to ensure that the students most suitable for places are the ones that benefit from the programme.  30 children have accessed regular counselling, with another 114 accessing the drop-in Place2Talk service. We have increased awareness of the Place2Think service for  staff, as part of a focus on staff well-being and mental health. Parent Partnership work is going well and has increased. Parents readily engage with the service and know  how to access the counselling manager even if their child is not in the service. The Assessment and Formulation process has been tightened throughout Place2Be and these changes are now  in place within the project at Reach Academy Feltham. All pupils in the service have been assessed as appropriate for one to one interventions therefore we are seeing greater impact with the children in counselling.


One indicator  that pupils are developing in their  engagement is their attendance in school. Our  attendance statistics are above the national average and show  our committed attempts to improve attendance across the school.  We have strong systems in place to ensure that any low attendance is flagged immediately, and our  Attendance Officer meets with the family to discuss any issues.


Pupils at Reach have benefited from the Reach Children’s Hub Feltham Futures project  which launched in January 2018. Highlights of the offer include:

 •  In total, the project has engaged over 1,000 local  young people in at least one activity related to careers, Universities, or employability skills.

•  800 students took part in our  Bright Futures Ahead day, meeting  volunteers from over 50 organisations including British  Airways, GSK, QuantumBlack, BP and Chelsea Hospital. 

•  Over 150 students and parents from across 4 schools in Feltham attended our  community careers fair, engaging with over 40 future destinations across the corporate, charity  and university sectors. 

•  With the support of  the project, 63 students across  Y12 and 13 have independently visited universities in Oxford, Cambridge, Lancaster, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Bath, Surrey  and London, both residentially and non-residentially. 

•  20 students in  Year 11 received 1:1 NEET prevention coaching. 

•  Thanks to our  partnership with Career  Ready, 56 students across Reach  Academy and Logic School will have undertaken paid  work placements for 4-6 weeks at organisations such as BP  and QuantumBlack. 

•  184 students from across  Years 11-13 have undertaken a  week’s work experience supported by  Spark! designed to encourage them into successful career  pathways.

 •  120 students across  Years 9 and 10 attended sessions to improve their  knowledge of the local labour market, meeting 30 professional volunteers from GSK.


2018-19 has seen much cause for  celebration within the music department. Pupils in all phases of  the school have participated in a rich and diverse musical curriculum  which develops core concepts, musical skills and a love of the subject. We began the academic  year embarking on our biggest challenge yet, staging a production of the highly acclaimed ‘School of  Rock’ musical, which combined the musical & acting talents of a number of pupils from phase 2 to phase 5.  The show was a phenomenal success and highlighted the range of musical and drama skills pupils have throughout the school.  The pupils have set the bar extremely high for has a significant increase in difficulty as students must complete their expeditions in ‘Wild Country’.  All ten of them successfully completed their expeditions. Once they have completed their volunteering, skill, physical and residential sections, they will be able to travel to one of  the palaces to receive their award from a member of the royal family. We are very proud of the 10 students who have achieved Gold DofE. Last year, two pupils in Hounslow completed Gold DofE so this marks an exceptional increase for  the borough. this year’s production! Throughout the year we ran a range of musical extra-curricular activities which led to two different whole school showcase events and we held two further performance evenings to prepare students for their  external music exams. Our instrumental tuition program also continues to have a high take up as over 120 students take part in either piano, guitar, drums, bass or voice lessons every week.

Alongside GCSE and  A-level cohorts, Art Club and Art Enrichment are oversubscribed  with enthusiastic students keen to pursue their individual projects. Through  volunteering with younger students, two GCSE students designed and created a mural for  the Art Studio balcony inspired by the artist Stik. In October, Year 6 participated in a SameSky workshop in conjunction  with Feltham Arts to create lanterns. The pupils worked together to make willow and tissue paper structures before decorating them with paper  silhouettes. These lanterns featured in the Hounslow Festival of Lights parade. The unveiling of the new chandelier at Gunnersbury Park Museum  in June 2018 as part of the renovations marked the efforts of a group of 15 Reach students in collaboration with a group of senior citizens and neon artist duo Musson + Retallick. Set and costumes for  our production of School of Rock were designed by Year 9 artists before the summer, and brought to life over the course of the first cycle, providing an exceptional backdrop for the talents of the performers. 



Bronze  Award: In 2018-19  we continued to offer  all of our Year 9 students the opportunity  to complete their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award.  This year we had 52 students completing their practise expedition to Box Hill and their  qualifier in the New Forest.  

Silver  Award: The Silver  award is offered in Year  Ten with a step up in adventure and challenge.  We travel to the Brecon Beacons for their practise and qualifying expeditions. Last  year we had an 86% pass rate at Silver, well above the national average of 51%. We have continued our  partnership with London DofE who enable us to develop our training and leadership as expedition staff.  Andrew Lait has recently completed his DofE assessors and expedition leaders course and he is now responsible for  the Bronze section of the award. 

Gold Award:  This year we have also offered the Gold award for  the first time. We have had 25 sixth formers signing up with 10 of  them completing their practise and qualifying expedition. The Gold Award has a significant increase in difficulty  as students must complete their expeditions in ‘Wild Country’. All ten of them successfully completed their expeditions. Once they have completed their  volunteering, skill, physical and residential sections, they will be able to travel to one of the palaces to receive their award from a member of the royal family.  We are very proud of the 10 students who have achieved Gold DofE. Last year, two pupils in Hounslow completed Gold DofE so this marks an exceptional increase for the borough.


Phase 1 and 2 Pupils go on at least two trips each term that support their  learning. Highlights from 2018-19 included:

• Reception visited the Lyric theatre to see ‘The Nativity’, as  well as Hounslow Urban Farm and Ruislip Lido.

• Year 3 had the opportunity to attend a one night camp on our very own Reach Academy farm!

• Year 4 and 5  went to a three day trip to Ferny Crofts residential centre and took part in a range of activities.

• Year 5 visited the Ragged Museum, The Crystal London and had the chance to perform at the  Young Voices concert at the O2 arena.

Phase 3 and 4 Pupils  have the opportunity to  go on a number of trips, culminating in an end of  year residential. Highlights included:

• Year 6 and 7 spent a  week at the renowned Jamie’s Farm in Wiltshire.

• Year 8 visited Opal Coast in France, staying in a traditional French manor  house, learning about French food at a chocolate factory and a goats’ cheese farm and discovering what it was like to live in France during the  German occupation in WWII.

• A team of year 8 and 9 pupils competed in the mock trial competition in a fictional court case. They visited a variety  of courts in the local area.

• Year 9 visited Richmond Park as part of their preparation for Duke of Edinburgh. They also undertook a Community Action Day  in July where groups completed various activities in the community such as working in a nursing home, litter collection and volunteering at a food bank.

• Year 10  went to Cambridge for 3 days, visiting different Cambridge University colleges, meeting professors and students, a punting tour and trips to the local museums.

• Year 11  went to Bedales school for an Easter residential camp.

Phase 5 Pupils regularly go to lectures, plays and performances but have also travelled further afield this year:

• Year 13 students  went to New York and Washington on a politics and history themed trip.

• Year 12 French students participated in two weeks of language immersion in France

• Year 12 Historians had the opportunity  to visit Auschwitz this year.



Sixth Form enrichment is delivered through our  Electives and Extended Project Qualification programs. Reach Scholar Studies is a weekly taught session in which pupils develop and hone the broad skill set that is required of them through A Levels and beyond, before evolving into targeted groups, focusing on particular areas of interest, for example Oxbridge, Medicine and Apprenticeship guidance groups. The elective program gives pupils an opportunity to learn outside their A-levels - courses included scientific dissection and Arabic.All pupils have the chance to undertake an Extended Project Qualification (worth the equivalent of an AS Level) and are supported through 1:1 supervisions.In 2018 100% of students who took the EPQ achieved an A*- C grade.


Are we having a wider impact?



Throughout the 2018-19 school year we have worked closely with a Secondary School in Plymouth, All Saints Academy Plymouth (ASAP). The collaboration came from an emerging partnership with the Ted Wragg Trust, based in Exeter, which signed a management agreement with the school and are on the path to sponsorship.ASAP has been in Ofsted ‘special measures’ since March 2017 and urgent improvement was required to move the school forward. A new Headteacher joined the school and we have provided a range of support throughout 2018-19, including:

  • Support on the ground in Plymouth from two Headteachers, Ed Vainker (Reach Academy Feltham) and Aidan Sadgrove (One Degree Academy) for 36 days throughout the year.
  • A range of training throughout the year.
  • Support on the ground from experienced middle leaders in Maths, English, Science and Geography and access to curriculum and assessment resources in these and other subjects.
  • Eight visits to Reach Academy Feltham to collaborate around aspects of our model.

The Impact We Have Had

ASAP has improved dramatically this year. The school has had two very positive interim reports from Ofsted, along with feedback from the community, staff, parents and pupils. The school is calmer, teaching is more effective, and pupils are making more progress.It is, of  course, impossible to attribute precisely  the impact  that our  support has had, but  feedback from colleagues at  ASAP  and  within the  Ted  Wragg  Trust  suggests that  we have played an important role. The following elements have had a particular  impact:

• We trained a team of staff to introduce incremental coaching at ASAP and supported its implementation throughout the year. The approach was implemented across the school and has been responsible for a dramatic improvement in the quality of teaching and for fostering a stronger culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

• We trained staff to implement a reading recovery programme with the weakest readers in Year 7 and 8 which has rapidly raised attainment for this group of pupils

• At the start of the year a senior leader spent two weeks working with the team to refine systems and structures for promoting good behaviour and at the end of the year we trained support staff as part of a reorganisation of the pastoral systems. Both of these contributed to the dramatic improvement in behaviour across the school.

• We worked closely with middle leaders and shared curriculum plans and resources with them. This had a particular impact in Maths, where the curriculum was revised and substantially strengthened as a result, and in Science and Geography, where the curriculum added rigour and challenge.

• We have provided coaching and support to senior leaders, helping them to prioritise and continue to strengthen the school throughout the year.


Over the course of this year we have offered a range of training and CPD, including:

• Three conferences with over 200 attendees, around our approach to curriculum design;

• Training for senior prison officers on the incremental coaching model;

• Training for 60 senior leaders in the South West on the incremental coaching model.In addition to these, we have delivered coaching training at Northampton International Academy, spoken at a number of conferences and training events about curriculum, hosted school-centred learning for Teach First and delivered training for Hounslow NQTs on a knowledge-rich curriculum.

The Impact We Have Had

The training has been very positively received. The coaching training in the South West has led to fifteen schools taking the decision to implement coaching in their schools from September. Attendees rated the training at 99.8 / 100 and all attendees would recommend the training to a friend. Some of the feedback:“Thank you for an exceptionally valuable experience.”“Thank you very much for an informative and useful day.”

“It was a worthwhile day and one that provides great scope that we can easily build on for our future.”

The curriculum conferences were a great success. We had intended to have only one but ran three because of the demand and the requests that we had. Once again, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with different attendees identifying each of the three sessions: ‘the science of learning behind our approach’, ‘our implemented curriculum’ and ‘how we enact the curriculum’ as the most useful sessions.

“It was all very useful and well put together. The staff clearly explained the process they had gone through and why it worked”

“In all honesty, it is hard to choose which was best as the 3 sessions fitted together to create a whole.”

“Thanks for a fantastic event. Both Jon and Ed were great at sharing the rationale and practical delivery of Reach’s curriculum. Their openness and candour were very helpful!”

“Very many thanks for sharing all of the work that you have done. It is such a relief to find a way to start on this path without having to find a way to put in all of the hours of work ourselves (something I just can’t see a small primary school being able to do).”

Our Next Steps
We intend to run further conferences throughout the year, as well as days for teachers and leaders to come to Reach and explore different aspects of what we do. We will run further coaching training for the Plymouth Teaching School in November and host similar training at Reach in the Spring.  We are also working with other outstanding Free Schools to develop a support model for Free Schools.


Reach  Academy  Feltham  was awarded three curriculum  fund pilot grants for  History  at Key  Stage 2 and Geography  at Key  Stage 2 and 3.  We  worked  with  Primary  and Secondary  schools to implement the curriculum and  worked  with 3840 pupils across the  schools.

The Impact We Have Had

The feedback from the project has been unreservedly  positive,  with schools seeing  significant improvements in pupil understanding and enjoyment, as  well as reductions in staff  workload. Comments have included:

“We’ve seen a completely different level of learning. The depth and rigor is amazing and the civil rights speeches blew my mind.”

“The children have much more stamina for longer writing. They have retained so much knowledge. We surveyed them to find out their opinions and mid-survey they started having a really high level debate about what they had learned and why it was important!”

“The children have learned and retained more in 5 weeks of this history topic than they did in the previous 14 week topic which was done before we started this pilot. They ask so many questions every lesson.”

“The pupils are much more purposeful about their learning [because] more is being asked of them.” “The children are so excited by their learning and keen to share what they know. They feel so empowered and now say they are learning ‘history’ rather than topic. I feel like we are really getting them ready for life beyond primary school.”

“Pupils love the booklets. They have a real ‘wow’ factor which makes them take pride in them.”

Our Next Steps

We are delighted to be offering a subscription model to enable more schools to access the resources. So far  35 schools have signed up to use the  resources.  Over  the  coming  year  we are planning to  work on Science and RE resources in a similar  style, as  well as further  refining  the  materials  we have already  created.